You know what’ll cheer me up

True Detective

"i’m just gonna call you skyler if that’s okay. it’s a lovely name…reminds me of a big beautiful sky”
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do you ever just stop and think about your obsession with something and say to yourself “oh man, i’m in too deep

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I even specifically only watched the scenes with John and his therapist and the scene at Sherlock’s grave

I think I really do like causing myself pain

*goes to open Reichenbach Fall*

no no self what are you doing

*clicks the file*


Like he specifically told his therapist there was “stuff he wanted to say but didn’t say it”


I literally do not understand the interpretation of John being in denial about being in love with Sherlock, like the only point where that makes sense is s1 but even then he knew he was ATTRACTED to him so?????

I don’t know how anyone can think John doesn’t know he’s in love with Sherlock, it makes no sense to me

I don’t know why I’m fixating on this, I shouldn’t be allowed to drink alcohol and blog at the same time

Guys if any of you are ever in the NYC area and wanna get drunk with me and talk about Sherlock/John hit me up because I get really passionate about shit after consuming alcohol and I will yell about this for five hundred years

I can’t even look at any Sherlock stuff that isn’t already on my dash because it’s all “oh John doesn’t ~know~ he’s ~gay~” or “Sherlock is John’s ~~EXCEPTION~~” or “John is in denial" or whatever the fuck

Just shut up okay I don’t need your silly interpretations of things

Also I just really hope they do Mary right in season 4, like they have this fantastic opportunity to make a really awesome, nuanced, unapologetic female villain played by a really good actress and they should sEIZE THAT OPPORTUNITY because god it could be SO AMAZING